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An Independent Marketing Team

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Find Your Custom Solution.

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You need a marketing solution that is uniquely yours, based on needs and resources. One which captivates consumers and empowers your team. Makes Media was built to help you realize that breakthrough; to generate the results you expect, and push your business toward better market share growth and profit.

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i need better data

We need to better target our consumers and become much more efficient with our advertising dollars.

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i need more sales 

Our business needs to grow. We need to generate more sales than we are currently projecting.

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i need new ideas

We keep doing the same things to market our business and we keep getting the same results. 

Makes connections                                     

The marketing landscape is changing every day. We get that. That's why Makes Media constantly researches the latest technologies and trends to create lasting impressions in a world of here and now. While our specialty is creating memorable marketing campaigns and driving sales, the reality is that our team will solve problems you didn't even realize were hindering your success. 

MAKES sense 

We will not be satisfied until our advertising, marketing, and promotional solutions elevate your brand to new heights. To get there, we'll earn your business through good work, loyalty, and complete transparency because our company was built to prove these core values still exist in advertising. We only recommend what makes sense, and our experience in managing multi-million dollar campaigns means that we're very serious about your needs. We're constantly vetting out potential vendors, to separate the shiny objects from platforms, software and media proven to drive results.

MAKES a difference

Our clients, large and small, are highly valued and treated as true partners of our company. To that end, we custom build solutions for each of our clients. You deserve more than cookie-cutter solutions sold to hundreds, if not thousands of clients across the globe. You have high expectations for your organization. So do we. At Makes Media, your business is our business. We're transparent. We're driven. We're proven.

Our Mission: 

To develop and execute effective marketing strategies, without the fluff.

Company Values:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Trust


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